Arnold Schwarzenegger has an adorable pet pig: meet Schnelly

In spite of his reputation as a strong guy in movies like The Terminator and Predator, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a soft spot in his heart for animals.

There are numerous unusual pets in Schwarzenegger’s home. and most recently he unveiled his new pet pig to the globe!T

he famous actor from Hollywood posted a picture of himself with Schnelly, his new pet pig, and his dog Cherry on Instagram.

“The family is growing,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

Schwarzenegger revealed in an interview with FOX 11’s The Issue Is that the pig’s name is derived from the German term “schnell,” which means “fast.”

“When we brought [him] home, [he] ran out of the house, ran all over the property, and we couldn’t catch [him],” Arnie said. His girlfriend suggested the name “Schnelly.”

Schwarzenegger added that thankfully, the pig doesn’t run away anymore: “He’s fantastic.”

As a result of the influence of his Batman & Robin co-star George Clooney, who kept a pet pig named Max, Schwarzenegger previously possessed a pet pig named “Bacon.”

“I always liked that he was into pigs; he has this little pig that he takes everywhere,” Schwarzenegger told the Columbus Dispatch in 2014. “So I bought a pig right after that. Only thing is, I must’ve bought the wrong one because, in no time, it was 300 pounds and I could barely lift the son of a gun.”

(Considering Schwarzenegger’s past as a bodybuilder, that’s saying a lot!)

But Schwarzenegger has several other unusual pets in addition to pigs, including a donkey named Lulu, a small horse named Whiskey, and three dogs named Dutch, Schnitzel, and Cherry.

Schwarzenegger released recordings of himself spending time in quarantine with his animal buddies during the outbreak, and they quickly gained popularity.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Schwarzenegger has held a variety of positions, including bodybuilding champion, Hollywood megastar, and Governor of California, but these days the 75-year-old is happiest when he is simply taking care of his pets.

“I have a good balance between work and fun… It’s so much fun to to feed the animals in the morning, all the different dynamics and all this stuff,” he explained.

What a sweet pet pig! It’s obvious that Arnold Schwarzenegger likes animals a lot!

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