Meghan and Harry’s friend shares picture of Archie – inside his ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party

This past weekend, King Charles’ coronation was the center of attention in London. A different royal celebration, however, took place in California on the opposite side of the Atlantic as Prince Archie celebrated his fourth birthday.

During the celebrations, a touching picture of Prince Archie reaching out to a portrait of Princess Diana surfaced.

However, the heartfelt post, which was shared by a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, sparked conflicting responses.

Over the weekend, there was a festive feeling all across London. King Charles III’s accession to the throne on May 6 drew all manner of royalty and foreign leaders to the British capital, ushering in a new era.

May 6 had more meaning for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle than just King Charles’ coronation. It was the fourth birthday of their cherished son Archie, a happy occasion that deserved to be celebrated on its own. According to reports, the pair made it clear that if they attended the coronation, it would be required to recognize Archie’s birthday.

Author Christopher Andersen said Fox News that Harry would find attending the coronation “uncomfortable” due to revelations in his biography, which made Meghan’s decision to remain in the US with their children comprehensible since it allowed them to avoid close observation.

Omid Scobie, a royal specialist, stressed the significance of Archie’s birthday in Meghan’s decision to stay in the US further.

“I understand that Archie’s fourth birthday (also on May 6) played a factor in the couple’s decision. Expect it to be a fairly quick trip to the UK for Prince Harry, who will only be attending the coronation at Westminster Abbey,” Scobie wrote on Twitter.

The concern persisted as the weekend went on: How would Archie’s birthday be celebrated? It would appear that the King remembered his grandchild on this important day. According to news accounts, Charles reportedly made a sincere toast to Archie when he turned four.

The dramatic coronation of King Charles at Westminster Abbey and the family’s appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London were followed by a private family luncheon on Saturday.

King Charles raised a toast to “those who weren’t present” and extended warm birthday wishes to Prince Archie. It was a poignant tribute to a grandson he has barely seen.

”It was apparently a very sweet moment,” a source mentioned.

Unfortunately, Harry wasn’t around to see the touching toast. He was given the opportunity to attend the private family celebration, but he declined and instead flew back to California right away to honor Archie’s important day. After his father’s coronation, according to rumors, Harry wasted no time and hurriedly boarded a jet for the United States.

Harry seems to have prioritized spending time with his son on this significant occasion, highlighting the close relationship that a parent and child share even in the midst of crucial royal activities. The Duke of Sussex is thought to have boarded an aircraft around 3:45 PM, landing in Los Angeles at roughly 6:55 PM local time.

Normally, it takes about 90 minutes to drive from the airport to Harry and Meghan’s enormous house in Montecito, California. A source said that Harry was adamant about getting back in time to personally cuddle Archie into bed.

Archie’s birthday party was allegedly a “low-key” affair. A fresh lemon cake that Meghan herself cooked using fruits from their own garden was offered, according to family-friendly sources. Although the precise guest list is unknown, it is assumed to have included the nearest family members, making the event an intimate one.

Instead, attention was drawn to another occurrence on Archie’s birthday. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s close friend and photographer Misan Harriman seized the chance to highlight a particularly heartfelt moment.

”Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Archie,” Harriman said, sharing a picture of baby Archie touching a photograph of his grandmother, Princess Diana.

The image was taken from a screenshot of The Sussexes on Netflix. Although the picture and its message were not extremely contentious, some people on social media tried to read it as a subtle criticism or obscuring of King Charles’ coronation by photographer Misan Harriman. However, the majority of responses were favorable, with many people noting that the image was adorable.

”Happy Birthday, Archie,” another person wrote.

”We love you and your family. We hope to see pictures soon. Blessings. We celebrate you. Today is great because of you.”

Archie, happy birthday! May you have delight in the future and achieve many successes that will motivate us all!

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