Neighbors put up step stool for dog so he can see his Great Dane friends

Neighbors put up step stool for dog so he can see his Great Dane friends

Just like people, dogs are able to make friends with their neighbors. Sometimes the best relationships form over a backyard fence – some dogs even give their pals next door massages.

Gieuseppe – the chocolate lab, moved into a new neighborhood, next to two Great Dane brothers Bambino and Vito. All three dogs became friends instantly from over the fence. The two friendly Great Dane brothers greeted the chocolate lab with enthusiasm, and Giuseppe greeted him equally cheerfully. With only one problem, Giuseppe couldn’t easily see over the fence to meet his neighborhood friends.

Brothers Vito and Bambino are Great Danes, so they are quite tall for the average dog. While the Great Danes could easily see through the fence, Giuseppe was not so lucky. He was shorter than the Great Danes, so he didn’t quite make it past the top of the fence. Time and time again he’s tried to propel himself high enough to give Vito and Bambino a proper sniff, but he’s just not been able to succeed.

Fortunately, Gieuseppe’s owner saw the whole thing and decided to put up a stool so his dog could stand on it and say hello to his new friends. “My preliminary response used to be to bust up laughing,” Afton told. “Seeing how his little ft had lengthened thoroughly and how his tail had blurred from swinging too fast, I couldn’t help it. So sweet.” Robert took a picture and shared it with the new neighbors, who thought this was such a cute photo and shared it on Instagram.

Now, Giuseppe and his neighbors have become friends. They often go for walks together and play together. It’s nice that thanks to a simple stool, these dogs have started a wonderful friendship.

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