Man’s Stolen Dog Found: A Heartwarming Tale of Fate and Unbreakable Bond with Shelter Dogs

After 18 long months of searching for his stolen dog, he decided to adopt another dog. Then this happened. He’s calling this the miracle of his life…

When I heard of this man’s wonderful reunion with his dog, tears welled up in my eyes. Richard Brower’s beloved German Shepherd, Dozer, had been taken from him a year and a half before, and Richard had finally decided he had to move on.

As difficult as the decision was, he thought it was time to accept that his best buddy was no longer with him. Richard currently resides in Alberta, Canada. He started looking for a new puppy to adopt, but he had no idea that opening his heart to obtaining another dog would turn out to be a miracle in disguise!

When Richard went online to the Claresholm Rescue Society’s website to look for a new puppy, he was met with a photo of Dozer staring back at him!

“It was the first post that came up, and Dozer was just staring me back in the face, looking pretty much the same as he did 18 months ago,” Richard told CBC News. “And then my heart dropped and I started shivering.”

He quickly dialed the shelter’s number and scheduled a visit with his father, who happened to be passing by that day.

Dozer went insane as soon as he met Richard’s father. Richard, on the other hand, wanted to be sure, so he told his father to snap his fingers when he spotted Dozer as a test. The dog sat down quickly on his father’s right side. Everyone was overjoyed, and Richard and his father both burst out laughing.

It had been a long time since they’d seen each other!

Dozer was kidnapped from Richard’s guarded garden 18 months ago, and his struggle began. Dozer had vanished, and Richard and his companions looked everywhere for him.

Dozer was discovered wandering on a field less than two hours from Richard’s home. He was taken to Claresholm Rescue Society after a Good Samaritan recognized his friendliness. Nobody knows how he got there or who kidnapped him, but Dozer looks to have been looked after throughout his absence.

When Richard saw Dozer’s image, he’d been at the shelter for a month.

Richard said Dozer is now ten years old, and while he’s disappointed they’ve been apart for nearly two years, he’s relieved to have his best friend back.

It was an emotional day for everyone when Dozer returned home.

“When he returned home, it was great.” “As soon as he came on the block, his tail started bobbing, and as soon as he pulled into the driveway, I opened the door and he just jumped straight in and buried his head in my armpit, whining like a baby,” Richard told the Canadian broadcaster.

“My friends, I mean, I have friends, and we go out riding bikes together, some fairly big tough guys, and when they found out about Dozer, they were just weeping their heads off.”

I’m sure I’d cry as well!

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