A news reporter in Orlando gives an emotional account of the shooting that killed a fellow reporter; a 9-year-old girl also perished in the shooting spree in Orlando.

WESH news woman Luana Munoz was spotted breaking down and crying on live TV while reporting an Orlando shooting spree that occurred earlier that day. Three individuals were killed in the shooting spree, including a fellow news reporter, Dylan Lyons, and two others were gravely injured.

Lyons was going about his business. Keith Moses, a Florida guy, was eventually recognized as having a shot and killed a woman he knew earlier that day. Lyons was reporting on the murder site when Moses reappeared, shooting and killing Lyons in the middle of his story.

Moses also shot his colleague behind the camera, who is now in critical condition. Both victims worked for Spectrum News 13 but appear to have no link to the suspect. Munoz arrived at the hospital where Lyons died later that night to give her report after learning of his death.

“All right, I’m sorry. “This is extremely difficult to cover,” Munoz remarked, wiping tears from her eyes and trembling her voice. “It’s an emotional situation at [Orlando Regional Medical Center]. I won’t flip the camera since others here know the reporter – his fiancee and I were hugging.”

She remarked on how good it is to see media members join in solidarity following the Orlando shooting spree – calling it ‘every reporter’s worst fear. “We go home at night fearful that something like this may happen, and that is exactly what happened here,” she said. Lyons was 24 years old at the time.

“Now here we are again at [ORMC], where we have learned that a fellow reporter has died while out covering a shooting. There are members of his family and his fiancée here who are heartbroken tonight,” she stated before sending it off to the studio to ‘gather herself.’

Nathacha Augustin, the victim from earlier that day, was identified by the gunman. Moses shot and killed her at 11 a.m., barely hours before returning to the area and killing Lyons while injuring his colleague. Moses was arrested and charged with murder, with further charges pending.

Regrettably, the gun spree in Orlando did not stop there. The shooter entered a neighboring residence and began his spree moments after shooting and killing Dylan Lyons. A mother and her 9-year-old daughter were shot inside the home; the mother is in serious condition, but her daughter was dead.

Authorities have not determined a motive for the killings and believe the shooter had no ties to the mother or the 9-year-old kid. They are currently reviewing all of the material, and an inquiry is underway to assemble what transpired. The tragedy has shaken the city of Orlando.

Moses, only 19 years old, has a criminal record, including a misdemeanor for drug possession and allegations of drug paraphernalia possession in November 2021. During his adolescent years, he was also arrested for aggravated battery, assault, and grand theft, according to police.

“We are saddened by the loss of our colleague and the other lives that were senselessly lost today. During this tragic time, our thoughts are with our employee’s families, friends, and coworkers. “We remain optimistic that our other injured colleague will make a full recovery,” Spectrum News said.

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