Bill Cosby’s Sorrow Tears

The death of Ennis Cosby saddened everyone, but his parents Bill and Camille Cosby were more shocked. The well-known comedian spoke about the misfortune that had happened to his family and showed that he was very proud of his son.

He became a victim of the robbery of Mikhail Markhasev on the highway when he went to fix the car’s flat tire. The comedian’s son became known to the public because of The Cosby Show.
The family was horrified by this event.

Ennis was born in 1969 and Bill was very happy that he now had two daughters and a son. On The Cosby Show, Ennis was represented by Theo Huxtable. In the show, he was a young man with dyslexia who managed to help others overcome this problem.

Bill was very proud of his son who was trying to do his best.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia and never gave up to achieve good results in academic life. Bill always talked about his son. He was a wonderful parent who tried to give his children everything. Ennis’ death devastated her. He died of a gunshot wound and this was terrible news for his parents.

Ennis was just starting to take his first steps in life. He was a kind and very attractive boy. He and his girlfriend were traveling in two different cars and stopped on the highway for Ennis to fix the tire of the car.

At this moment he faced the murderer Mikhail Markhasev who was a Ukrainian immigrant. He tried to rob him and hit him on the head. Then Bill passed away. The police tried to find the killer and were helped by an old friend of Markhasev. In 1998, Mikhail Markhasev was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. This was a difficult time for Bill and his family.

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