Flight attendant adopts stray dog who won’t quit waiting for her outside hotel

When the German flight attendant Olivia Sievers was on her regular work in Argentina she couldn’t have imagined that she would find such a loyal friends.

Olivia Sievers spotted a stray dog at the airport of Buenos Aires and couldn’t stay indifferent.

She gave the dog food and teh pooch wanted to show his gratitude after a while. The dog, later named Rubio, followed her, and wauted in front of her hotel for a long time.

Though Olivia changed her way many times the dog managed to follow her and to find her hotel. The woman knew that she couldn’t take her that’s why she wanted to distract Rubio but she was anable to change Rubio’s love towards her.

So when she returned Buenos Aires the next time she spotted Rubio in front of her hotel. Then this happened again and again. Soon Olivia decided adopt Rubio and filled out the necessary paperwork to bring him back home with her to Germany.

She couldn’t have imagined that she could gain a life-long friend during her busy and so changable schedule.

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