Mom responds to backlash after revealing she kept family dog that bit her daughter’s face

A mom has responded to critics after revealing that she chose to keep her family’s dog after it bit her daughter’s face.

As reported by the Daily Mail, mom and influencer Nadezhda Dramaretskaia – who also goes by Klara Tsetkin on TikTok – has recently been faced with a torrent of backlash after revealing that she chose to keep the family’s cocker spaniel after it left her young daughter requiring stitches in her face.

However, despite many comments on her videos now branded Klara a “bad mom”, she has added further clarity to her story in a series of follow-up videos.

The criticism erupted after Klara revealed that she had decided not to have Bart the dog removed from the family home or put down after he injured her three-year-old daughter, Milana.
“After 10 days of reflection, we came to the conclusion that we all make mistakes in this life,” Klara wrote in a now-deleted TikTok video – which also showed Milana’s bruised face with multiple stitches in her left cheek. However, rather than hear out the mom’s reasoning, many social media users were apparently left so uncomfortable by the child’s injuries, that they bombarded Klara’s comments sections with criticism.

On her most recent video, one person writes: “The girl will most certainly have PTSD from what happened and is expected to continue living with the dog that attacked her?”

A second simply added: “You should be ashamed!”

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

But the mom revealed in a follow-up post that her dog “never attacked” her daughter like many people have incorrectly assumed.

Instead, writing in a text overly, Klara explains that Bart had become “very sick” and was attempted to rest under the bed. “His hind legs gave out and he couldn’t crawl away,” she writes.

The mom then explained that despite trying to explain to her then-three-year-old daughter that Bart needed to be left alone to rest, “she began to touch him even more, sit on him, and climb [onto his face] and hurt him.”
The family has also launched a GoFundMe for anyone wishing to help with the child’s recovery and fund scar resurfacing treatments.

Credit: GoFundMeAfter sharing the full story behind her daughter’s injuries, more and more social media users have voiced their support for the mom’s decision to keep Bart.

“You are a good person, I’m afraid of the people who want to kill animal only because one mistake and because it was sick,” one person commented.
A second added: “Your attitude of continuing with the dog was right, do not pay attention to comments from mean and ignorant people.”

“You are not a bad mom,” one person added.

While another TikToker wrote: “No one knows the situation better [than] you. The people hating/judging have nothing better to do with to their lives. Ignore strangers’ opinions!”

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

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