He L0st His Wife And Remarries – 2 years later the phone rings

Mothers will do anything to take care of their families, and one woman’s creative idea allowed her to connect with loved ones from beyond the grave.

Two years had passed since Brenda Schmitz passed away, her husband David received a call from radio station KSZT asking him to come to the radio offices. For several years, during the Christmas period, this radio station fulfilled some wishes of its users, however, this time, the letter was sent by an anonymous person.

“They told me they had received a letter from someone who wanted to give me a gift. I asked who it was, but they said it was so personal that they couldn’t talk on the phone and that I had to go to their offices,” says David.

One month before Brenda died of ovarian c*an*cer, a severely ill Brenda devised a creative plan that would mean the world to her loved ones a few years later.

She was too weak to hold a pen, but she could type, so the mother formulated a letter for her family. However, she hid it from them and handed the precious words to a friend. She asked this person to send the letter to the radio only after her husband had found a new mother for his children. So when David decided to marry Jayne Abraham, the letter was sent to the radio station. An anonymous letter was sent to the “Christmas Wish” show.

“We’ve been making Christmas wishes come true for many of our listeners for many years now, but a letter like Brenda’s had never come and everyone, regardless of age, was thrilled,” said radio owner Scott Allen. Presenter Collen Kelly read Brenda’s letter to David:

“The reason why I am writing to you is this. I have a wish. I have a desire for David, for the children and for the young woman who will be by his side. I want them to know that I love them very much.

“My first wish is for David’s new partner: I want her to spend a day at the spa and relax. She deserves it, because she is a new mother of children and this is not an easy task.Please make her smile and let her know that all her efforts are appreciated by me. Thank you, I love you wherever you are, talk to me, I will hear you from heaven”.

David Schmitz with his blended family. | Source:

While she was reading the letter, it was impossible to hide the e motion she felt, but she continued to read:

“My second wish is for the whole family, a magical trip. A place where they can enjoy some family time, to create those memories that will last forever… “.

Brenda’s third and final wish was for the doctors and nurses who, day after day, had cared for her and many other patients at the hospital.

“I want them to enjoy a night filled with good food, drink and fun, for all these heroes do to save ca*nc*er patients.”

David had burst into tears. He knew that Brenda had always been by his side, that she had never left him, and that she was always watching over his family from heaven.

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