St.ore asks police to re.move stu..bborn homeless man, offi.cer looks at his feet and discovers the sad truth

When a homeless man refused to leave the building, employees of a Lowe’s home improvement store in El Paso, Texas called the police. Officer José Flores immediately arrived at the scene. However, while there, he found something he rarely saw in situations like this, compassion.

The first thing Officer Flores noticed about the 83-year-old Charles Holder was his clothing, or lack thereof. The old man wasn’t wearing shoes though it was a cold winter day with more than 3 inches of snow on the ground. Holder was trying to stay warm and had taken shelter in the hardware store. Employees at the store had gathered some money and found a shelter for the elderly man. They even found him a simple meal while waiting for the police to arrive.

Before driving to the homeless shelter, officer Flores escorted Holder to a nearby department store and bought him new rain boots, socks, and warm gloves.

Holder’s story quickly went viral after he was interviewed by a local Fox News affiliate. “They helped me,” Holder told KFOX14. “They’re a great bunch of people; they’re very humane.”

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