Man Steps On Stage To Sing For Wife, Judges Roll Their Eyes Until They Hear The First Note

Doesn’t everyone have a wild dream? A big, hairy dream that they’d love to accomplish? You know what I’m talking about – that year-long trip around the world, or owning that gorgeous house on a tropical island. Maybe it’s quitting your job or working on restoring your old muscle car, or getting trained as a yoga teacher, or having another grandkid! Dreams come in many shapes and forms and colors and textures, and for Marty Brown from Franklin, Kentucky, USA, he may be a carpenter, but his true love (after his lovely wife) is music.

Marty is quite the character. “Everybody’s gotta have dreams, you know, you run out of dreams, you might as well no be here anymore.” He says before using Colonel Saunders as an example of how you don’t have to be young to follow your dreams, anyone can do it at any age, noting how the Colonel didn’t make chicken until he was well into his sixties.

When Marty steps on stage wearing a cowboy hat and throws out a “Yeeeehaaaw,” the judges can’t help but look a little reluctant – and embarrassed! He’s got some country pride and he ain’t afraid to show it! Heidi breaks the awkwardness by asking Marty what he’ll be singing today, and he replies that he’ll be sharing a beautiful song written by Bob Dylan, “It’s my wife’s favorite song, I sing it for her in the kitchen all the time.”

Marty takes a seat on the stool and starts to pluck his guitar strings. When the first note out of his mouth comes out, he’s got everyone by their heartstrings. The crowd falls dead silent, and Marty’s singing echoes through the room, his voice low and country. Move over Garth Brooks, Marty’s in town! The judges’ faces take on a much different expression, one of shock and relief, surprised that this country yahoo is actually a diamond in the rough! His vocal talent is moving, and the way he sings this song for his wife is just so loving.

In fact, it was Marty’s wife who tricked him into coming to perform in the first place! She believed in him so much, saying how they sing this song together every day for breakfast and dinner, and that she wanted him to succeed and share him with the world. This performance definitely rocked the judges, Howie goes on to say, “You taught us something here tonight, don’t judge a book by its cover. You came out here and you surprised me, I think you’re amazing.”

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