Dog with paralysis and malnutrition found chained to a tree, finally rescued

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” and should be treated with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, not all individuals share this sentiment.

Members of Dallas DogRRR were devastated when they came across a paralyzed dog tied to a tree in south Texas. Despite her condition, the sweet girl was trying to move herself using her front legs, while her hind end dragged behind her. The chain was tightly wound around the tree, preventing her from accessing food or water. Rescuers wasted no time and reached out to local authorities, including the police and animal control, for assistance.

The dog of mixed breed appeared emaciated and was clearly in dire need of medical care. The rescue team held out hope that the neglectful owner would willingly surrender the dog to their care.

The rescue firmly believes that every dog deserves a chance, and they were determined to not give up until they were able to rescue Ottilia, as they affectionately named her. They expressed, “We are rescuing this DOG!”

Assisted by a local animal control officer, the volunteers from the rescue worked diligently to free Ottilia from the chains that bound her. They bestowed upon her the name “Ottilia,” which means fortunate heroine.

She was carefully transported to the vehicle and taken to a veterinary clinic for a thorough examination. The rescue organization shared an update, stating, “She is paralyzed and experiencing overheating… her temperature was 103.7 when she arrived at the vet. We have conducted blood work, x-rays, and a comprehensive exam. She is mildly anemic, her white blood cell count is low, and she is severely dehydrated.”

The medical team initially suspected that Ottilia’s paralysis could have resulted from a tick bite, as ticks were found on her ears upon arrival. However, the test results came back negative for tick-borne diseases. The rescue shared, “The doctor did not identify any fractures or trauma to the spine, but mentioned the possibility of a fungal infection or tick-related disease despite the negative test results. We are sending blood work for further analysis and a bone biopsy has been recommended.”

Ottilia has undergone medical intervention in Dallas in hopes of identifying the cause of her paralysis and potentially restoring her ability to walk. Although her journey to recovery may be challenging and lengthy, she is surrounded by compassionate individuals who are committed to meeting her every need.

She will never again be subjected to being chained and will finally experience the kindness of people in the world.

“We are diligently documenting every detail and will be forwarding it to the police department,” the rescue organization posted. Followers are hopeful that this evidence will result in charges against the negligent owners.

Let us speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

WARNING: The following video, captured during the rescue, may be emotionally distressing.

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